Trails and waterways


The old inshore waterway runs from Bjuröklubb in the south to Haparanda in the north, and then continues on to Finland. In the old days this waterway was used by small merchant ships. These days the waterway is used exclusively by leisure boats.

As their tonnage gradually increased, merchant ships began using waterways that go directly from open sea and into the larger harbours.

In order to reach certain locations it is necessary to sail along the connecting waterways. The map to the right shows a rough approximation of how the waterways run. Nautical charts should be used for navigation purposes. Under the “Places to visit” heading you will find information about guest harbours and other interesting places.

For more information please contact the relevant tourist centre.

Snowmobile trails

A snowmobile trail runs from Lövånger in the south to Haparanda in the north. This trail passes the larger towns in the coastal region of the Bay of Bothnia. Because the condition of the ice can be uncertain at the mouths of the larger rivers, the trail goes on land from time to time. North of Skellefteå there is a military shooting range, which means that travelling on the ice is not possible in that area.

Please note - you travel on sea ice at your own risk.

There are a number of connecting trails that lead to interesting places to visit. Some of these connecting trails are marked. Some of the “places to visit” are open during the wintertime.

The map to the right shows a rough approximation of the main trail and the connecting trails. Maps and nautical charts should be used for navigation purposes. Please remember - the ice is often thin at shallow locations, which is why it is necessary to have a nautical chart that clearly shows such areas.

From the beginning of 2012 you will be able to download the trail to GPS from this website.

For more information please contact the relevant tourist centre.

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Map of the islands of the Bay of Bothnia
The map shows snowmobile trails, connecting trails, places where you can refuel, waterways and guest harbours. Download map (pdf)

"Hints and tips for canoeists" is a collaboration between the Swedish Transport Agency and the Swedish Canoe Federation. Swedish version of "Essential paddling tips for the canoeists"

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Kayaking routes of the Bothnian archipelago

With over 1300 island, nice sandy beaches to stop by at and light summer nights during the kayaking season are the Luleå and Råneås part of Bottenvikens skärgård (the archipelago of the Bothnian bay) a great start for sea kayaking. We have made a guide of 11 different suggested routes for kayaking, starting from Luleå.

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